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Improve your profit and grow your business

Why Should you use our Services?

Jodapris-IMBS knows that “one size does not fit all”. Therefore, we are passionate to exceed YOUR expectations by offering a broad array of tailored services delivering customer services and analytical consulting solutions to all business owners. Our Services are scalable, secure, and  efficient, while improving overall service and reducing costs. We work across multiple industries. Here is the list of our services that will improve your profit and grow your business: 

Business Analytics & Consulting

Our Business Analysts will inspect your business operations to determine your strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities (SWOT) in order to put together recommendations for improvement. And our Business Consulting will bring information to life for your business.

Marketing Research Strategies

Marketing research is crucial for the development of a business and in fostering future business success.

Business Valuation

Business valuation can provide you access to more investors along with providing value during mergers/acquisitions


Website Design & Development

We have WordPress web designer and developer who can create and improve e-commerce website as well as any website design to empower our customers’ brand awareness and online presence.



If you are looking to increase both the quality and quantity of website traffic, as well as exposure to your brand, through organic search engine results, our web engineers will help position your company on Google ranking.


Landing Page Design

Build your Brand and sell more of your product or services with our customized landing page. We can build it on your website or blog.

Tax Preparation

Our Tax Strategist Specialists will determine and implement tax strategies for your organization and reduce tax liabilities if needed.

Exit Strategy Planning

Developing a plan to pass on responsibility of running the business, transferring ownership and extracting your equity.

Bi-Lingual Customer Service Outsource Support

Call Center Agents Support in English, French and Spanish


Lead Generation

We help business buy targeting their audiences through research marketing to collect information that the clients need to nurture until the prospects are ready to buy.

Training and Development

Our Linguistic Specialists are ready to teach or translate documents

Employee hiring and RETENTION

Let our Staffing specialists hire and develop the skills of your current or future employees for a high turnover productivity level. 


E-mail Marketing Services & Management

We can help your business with our EMS setup or management.


Video marketing

We offer full-service video content production and promotion to communicate your perfect message to your customers and prospect around the globe.


Social media marketing

Our digital marketing & media team is ready to make sure you reach and interact with your prospects and customers 24/7.


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