About Us

Jodapris-IMBS is an International Marketing Consulting Company  that provide Business Solutions and Academic Support. Jodapris was created January 04, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois by Dr. Osako Marie Djemo, DBA.  At Jodapris, Professional Business Analysts and Consultants understand the complexity of Business Analytics. Therefore, they work with the Business owners and management teams to create, build, and implement strategies that improve and grow local as well as international businesses. Jodapris has an Academic Section that offers Academic Support and Professional training to Business professionals and students who would like to improve their professional careers or excel in Academia. To learn more on the Academic Services we offer, please visit  https://www.wyzant.com/tutors/maried

At Jodapris, we offer a variety of Consulting Services, including but not limited to Marketing Research, Business Analysis, Professional and Academic Training or Tutoring, Customer Service Outsourcing Support, Employee Hiring and Retention, as well as Tax Review. 

Throughout the years, Dr. Djemo worked with different companies  in the United States and in Canada providing research marketing services and business development strategies to growing business owners in order to improve their bottom line and gain more market competitive edge. She also continue to work as an academic instructor providing Private and Group educational support. She provided customer service outsourcing support for several companies. She brings her experience in business analytics, consulting, Customer service and Marketing outsourcing Support, and academia to create a company that will exceed your expectations.

With your Success in mind, Jodapris partners with local and international companies to provide Virtual Solutions with the help of freelancers and work from home agents.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why Should Small Business Hire Jodapris IMBS For Outsourcing Services?


At Jodapris, we aim to exceed Every Client Expectations!

Jodapris – IMBS specializes in providing Business Solutions, marketing research services and business analysis consulting to business owners from start-up to large corporations who are looking for opportunities to either increase their profit, or expand their business locally and internationally. At Jodapris, we provide also Support for  companies that outsource their customer services and Marketing to improve the level of customer satisfaction. 

We understand that Every Business is unique!

At Jodapris, we are dedicated to work in addressing tailored challenges in order to improve the business operations and management strategies that will increase the level of profitability, cash-flow, revenue, employee hiring and retention, market share, and customer base or customer satisfaction.  


To be the world leading consulting firm where we exceed our clients expectations by thinking outside the box. To always work proficiently and efficiently side by side with Business Owners from start-ups to large corporations across industries and discover windows of opportunities where we can  provide recommendations on Business Development Strategies or the implementation of Business Solutions to enable our clients’ potential growth.


We are committed to: 

  1. Process the “SWOT” (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis and propose Consulting services. 
  2. Benchmark your business model against your major competition(s) to provide you with marketing strategies that will increase your customer base  
  3. Build a business model that will work best for your organization to give you a competitive edge and reduce your overhead cost. 
  4. Research a compatible market for your business expansion; local or international. 
  5. Research to suggest appropriate local or international networks with partners or traders. 
  6. Put together recommendations on operational and marketing strategies to improve your needs or wants (e.g. Sales, Revenue, Profit, Cash-flow, …) 
  7. Hire and develop high skilled employees depending on a business owner need to hire 
  8. Serve your customers to improve their  satisfaction experience
  9. Provide you with Marketing Strategies that will pro-pulse your business.


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